Weight Loss Tips That ACTUALLY Work & helped me LOSE 28 Kg 62 Pounds in 6 Months (NO DIET)

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35 Responses

  1. sonal says:

    I can't lose weight ever😓

  2. kapil garg says:

    U are looking more beautiful in this video and loved kukku sounding behind 8:08

  3. Very nice video👍just want to ask u how much time workout we need for fast weight loss….i m doing half n hour walking n 20 min exercise n doing intermittent fasting 16:8 with healthy diet…pls help me i want to lose 20 kgs…i lost 2 kgs in 2 weeks…so what i have to do more for lose weight.

  4. Sushma Hegde says:

    You are soooo beautiful 😘😘

  5. Fathah F says:

    Plz send video face slim tips

  6. Romina Rumi says:

    I wan to contct u … appointmnt needed plz.. i dont hav instagrm

  7. Can u help me with Diet plan

  8. Try to make ur video in hindi.😐

  9. I have been watching your videos and try to do those exercises, but have some problems in a few of them because I am too fat.Specially the exercises which include legs.What do I do?

  10. Stella Pinky says:

    Just keep the subtitles while ur saying…plz it helps to read 🙏

  11. Aditi Sukul says:

    Is Apple cider vinegar good for us?

  12. Eva Saxena says:

    Em 19 and em fat…. I want to look like my friends….em not eating anything only fruits n oatmeal….still em fat… Don't know what to do, feeling hopeless n depressed 😭😢

  13. Sarika Saini says:

    Hi will you please let me know regarding your personal training thing?

  14. What if ur a student n u have to study late night?😞

  15. Queen Queen says:

    I m on my journey too… 2 kgs down.. More to go…

  16. Pooja Gurav says:

    How can I loose more weight in 2 months .. ???Plz tell me ….

  17. Kruti Shirol says:

    You are amazing! Yes I'm a beginner and following your videos☺️👍👍 keep motivating!

  18. Hi can u plz tell me how to reduce hips

  19. I am loving you now
    How could you have so much of patience

  20. star ni says:

    kya.fat loss krne ky liye..gym sae phly or bad min kuch khana chye

  21. Mam kindly guide me can we eat one thing in cheat meal. Or we can eat cheat meal whole day?

  22. zainab khan says:

    please can you tell me that how much fruits should we eat like i am dieting and i am a big snacker when i get hungry in yhe middle i eat lots of fruits but except for mango and banana i eat grapes peache and lots of apples so is that right

  23. swati maurya says:

    loved the video di..😘😘 thanks for motivating..😘😘

  24. My weight is 90kg my height is 5:5 .Pls help me out.I m so depressed.pls mam

  25. Hafsa Majeed says:

    Can we take one digestive or wheat biscuit in snack??????

  26. My body have swelling when I drink more water I don't loose my weight please give me some suggestions

  27. Aamna Saand says:

    Hi dear plzzz aap hindi mein batein plzzz

  28. suchi wesly says:

    Heyyyy u r very pleasant…. God bless

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