Staying Lean During Quarantine | A FULL DAY OF EATING As A Professional Footballer

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  1. Another fantastic informative video ☺️! Evening meal looked fab, definitely going to look out for the chicken seasoning and the yeast to add to the rice – top tip!! Keep the videos coming 🏹⚽️😁!!

  2. Elian Torres says:

    Hi Jack, you are an excellent professional for the boys who are taking their first steps in professional soccer. I am Argentine from Buenos Aires and the mate 🧉 is the best there is! Greetings from another soccer player 👍👍⚽️

  3. Aden Brody says:

    22:33 key word today is natural. Uhm you used skippy peanut butter 😂. I’m just joking 😂, but what is the point of using such a highly processed peanut butter?

  4. Hello Jack, I’ve read up on apple cider vinegar a lot. They say you shouldn’t ever take it raw like a shot the way you did. It can burn your throat and cause ulcers. It’s best if you dilute it into the water

  5. Whats 48 mean to you??

  6. And I’m Brazilian so we also have Mate we call it chimarrão. You didn’t offend us 😂

  7. Please do more workout videos

  8. I would love to see another workout and eating day . Great content 🔥

  9. Anton G says:

    Hey really great video ! One question: how fast and slow do you run during the interval run? And how intense are your running session from 1-10? 10= really intense

  10. brian215b says:

    Can you do a quick video demonstrating the exercises in the hip dominant circuit?!! Much appreciated 🙌🙌

  11. Sos un crack 🙌💪👏

  12. Now we need a “day in the life/how Stanley stays fit” during social distancing video!!! Lol I already know my man Leo doesn’t stop exercising until he goes to sleep!!!

  13. Live Life says:

    Apple cider is nasty like that hahah.. Pff dude that yogurt bowl looked amazing, now during a cut i would pay millions for that hahahaha.. Love the macros breakdown, meals where really good for those cals!! Amazing and informative vid

  14. Que bien te cuidas 👏👍🤙

  15. Keep up the good vids, you inspire me to be a better player myself.

  16. How you make a training with ball?

  17. really nice video. love these kind of videos

  18. Cammy T says:

    Great insight, some really helpful tips aswell. 👍

  19. kyle says:

    i’d advise against the apple cider vinegar for anyone it’s extremely acidic and extremely bad especially to start ur day w ur ph like that !!

  20. Your haircut though 😂

  21. Have you ever thought of going to play in Europe ?

  22. Oli Wilson says:

    Quality mate make sure to dilute and use a straw when drinking the apple cider vinegar will damage your teeth and throat🙌🏻🙌🏻

  23. Mate is the best! regards from Argentina!

  24. preparou o chimarrao mo errado

  25. Av says:

    honestly, not sure how you dont have more subscribers, keep this content up and you will be going places with your channel, big fan mate!

  26. Do a individual training session with the ball and post it
    I play cm too

  27. HD Gaming says:

    Id love to see an individual training session with the ball.
    Like If you'd like to see!

  28. 1x4 Danny says:

    What a great video you made mate 🙂

  29. The best full day of eating I’ve ever seen. Thanks Jack!🙏

  30. Could we take every apple cider vinegar or should it be a special one?

  31. hey man im 185 right now i want to be around 170-175 , how is it with the carbs and bmr, I play pro futbol in cyprus btw im 19 from the states, love your videos bro

  32. Sami Grey says:

    Another great video, a flexibility routine in more detail would be great! Enjoying the workouts so keep them coming… Expecting a video a day in this pandemic! 😉

  33. I'm not latin american but that mate drink looks really interesting. I see lots of footballers having it before games. What nutritional benefits does mate provide exactly?

  34. Gerardo C says:

    Niceee video bro!! 🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪

  35. Hey Jack, where’d you buy the pack of mate?? Can’t find any at my local stores.

  36. what breed of dog is this ? I really liked this cute little bundle of joy, just like mine , I have two small ayork Terrier

  37. Btw thanks for the great vid as Always 🤙💪

  38. Keep going, you're inspiring everyone 👍🏽

  39. Keep doing videos like this👍🏻

  40. Great job with the Mate. Greetings from Uruguay!