Perfected Health Podcast#4 – Tucker Goodrich – Removing Inflammation

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  1. Frank Tufano says:

    Tucker Goodrich is a technology executive in the financial industry who designs, runs, and debugs complex systems in high-risk environments. Areas of expertise include risk management, systems management, and cyber-security.

    After experiencing some personal health crises and realizing that the ‘solutions’ offered by medical professionals weren’t working or addressing causation he started applying the same approach in research and evaluation of data to his own health issues to determine root causes.

    His interests have focused on dietary and environmental drivers of chronic disease, including carbohydrate, wheat, and various classes of fats. Specifically, he's attempting to understand and popularize understanding of the mechanisms driving the diet-derived explosion in so-called chronic diseases (or diseases of civilization). He is active on twitter (@tuckergoodrich, has a blog called Yelling Stop, is an Expert Advisor for the nutrition start-up Nutrita, and has been a guest on numerous podcasts.

    https:// for fitness/diet consulting

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  2. gg allin says:

    i cant follow a guy whos teeth are so big and so white, its really distracting looking at him,i decided to convert his videos to audio,listen on my podcast

  3. Ahmed Ajabi says:

    I just love this episode <3 <3 we need more of those please !! 😀

  4. Seance Queen says:

    He could have save himself all that 'experimenting' if he would have just read  any Atkins book

  5. Amazing podcast, great interview. Invaluable information. But the last seconds were 👍.

  6. Fred Lander says:

    This is a great contribution to understanding fundamentals for our health, and our families and friends and acquaintances. I talk about stuff like this all the time with people in the sauna, whirlpool, at Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, free local concerts, farmers markets, and even the free food samples areas at TJ's. People are very interested in things like this! Reversing diabetes!

    James DiNicolantonio had a major peer reviewed publication on this in Sept. 2018 and we need to give him credit , IMO. He cited works of Gerhard Spiteller 15 times in the publication, from 3 sources, and he missed a major publication of his from 2014, which is pretty comprehensive and even mentions his ideas on furans being the culpable agent in fish, not the omega-3 oils. I will reference both publications so they are easily available for everybody:

    Open Heart. 2018; 5(2): e000898.

    Published online 2018 Sep 26. doi: 10.1136/openhrt-2018-000898

    PMCID: PMC6196963

    PMID: 30364556

    Omega-6 vegetable oils as a driver of coronary heart disease: the oxidized linoleic acid hypothesis

    James J DiNicolantonio and James H O’Keefe

    The Action of Peroxyl Radicals, Powerful Deleterious Reagents, Explains Why Neither Cholesterol Nor Saturated Fatty Acids Cause Atherogenesis and Age‐Related Diseases

    Prof. Dr. Gerhard Spiteller Prof. Dr. Mohammad Afzal

    First published: 15 October 2014

    Use sci-hub to get full publication

  7. Ivan Bryan says:

    You're a man of many talents 😊👍

  8. Muffin says:

    Seed oils made me sick.

  9. Thanks guys. My son has Mitrocondrial problems, energy problems. He also smoke the green flower. Lol. I will tell him about the seed oils. Thanks for show guys!

  10. Roo 89 says:

    Awesome video Frank 💪

  11. Anderson:) says:

    I love you frank , your remind me that michael jackson is still alive!

  12. I appreciate how much this felt like an informational podcast. I just did some yardwork and this really kept my mind busy.

  13. seed oils suck!! Fuck plants,

  14. Lauren Romeo says:

    Great interview. I didn't know about Tucker and now I have another source of information to inform people.

  15. Luonteri says:

    One of the best videos on your channel.

  16. Perun says:

    Can someone help and answer me why I keep getting rashes when i go on low/zero carb…

  17. j w says:

    Well Done Frank great interview very informative

  18. grraadd says:

    This is GOLD! Remove the echo (padding/heavy stores or something) and it will be perfect!

  19. Excellent Podcast 🙂👍. #Yes2Meat. #MeatHeals. 🥩🐟🥚🦐🐑🦴🦀🍤🦞🐄🦌 😋"

  20. Franky, loved the Podcast on Perfected Health; so much in-depth knowledge here. Thanks for hitting home the importance of NOT CONSUMING oxidized fats, and letting us know the disastrous effects on our internal systems. VERY DANGEROUS! This video has really convinced me to STOP EATING oxidized fats (they're ubiquitous). Oh, regarding your HEIGHT against Tucker's, maybe Tucker looks taller because Tucker's diet has given him a few extra inches unbeknownst to him, but he still thinks he's 5'8'. When last did he measure himself, for instance? I'm 5'1" (so I'd thought all my life), but, when I measured myself at a later date, I was 5'2". It could have been an amazing bone broth I'd made that I was loving; it gave me so much strength at the gym.

  21. Emma Glass says:

    Video perfection! Great content.

  22. Mark Burnham says:

    Really enlightening interview. Thanks for getting the word out.

  23. tosca donna says:

    I read a study yesterday that said certain seed oils actually raise blood sugar. These evil government entities know exactly what they're doing in making us all fat and sick with their Big Agra food pyramid and then channeling us into Big Pharma's kill zone. Disgusting monsters.

  24. Wow… the sunburn thing is true, i've only been on keto/carni for 1.5 months and I get sunburned less and less. The sun hasn't been shining as regular here yet (northern europe), I eat liver 2x a week, the little sunburn I did get was gone in 3 days. My skin repair is much faster.

  25. Cythreulig X says:

    Mitochondria have a symbiotic relationship with us… mitochondria are midiclorians… the Force can exist?! 😮

    But seriously, hugely informative and thank you both so, so much. My fact portfolio for my diet increased significantly with this podcast. 🙂

  26. Jim D says:

    Enjoy these deeper technical level dialogs Frank.

  27. Joanne Bird says:

    Wow! Absolutely fascinating! Thank you for such a fantastic easy-to-understand interview!

  28. So is salt cured pastured pork belly gonna give me heart disease or what? If I can’t eat homemade bacon my homestead plan is gonna need some drastic reformulating…

  29. KMӔ says:

    Can u pls react to the new kurzgesagt video "is meat unhealthy?"

  30. Adrian B says:

    Hy im ex vegan from isreal
    After 7 years of veganism i almost died and had blood glucose over 500
    Now ketogenic/carnivor
    I wanted to be interviewed by you at your chanel

  31. Hey Frank, will you do a in depth video response on "Cowspiracy" some day? It would be REALLY interesting to see your take on it since you got plenty of knowledge in the field.

    I live in Europe, my parents are farmers, we raise non-gmo, organic, free range, grass-fed beef (besides maybe 20% corn-diet during winter when they can't be outside). Calfs are raised with their mother, as they would be in nature. Female calfs to be raised to be part of the herd, others slaughtered at about 10months.

    To me meat, as we produce it, is not bad for the environment. The doc didn't really seem to cover things unbiased taking all factors into context. Obviously the american meat industry is rather extreme in contrary to what my family does so I can't really take it seriously.

    Keep up the good work and good luck with Frankie’s Free Range Meat

  32. UFC Fighter says:

    37:04 Is frank writing down some important notes or drawing tits?

  33. I criticized the drama in your video last week, and suggested you focus on the real informative content. THIS is right on the money. Well done, good interview, great content.

  34. Next video could be on sun burns… I am also a lobster.

  35. Tucker is a smart problem solver!

  36. thank you so much for all the research you’ve done on carnivore man!
    I’m currently still an omnivore out of financial reasons (I’m powerlifting and eating so much would be too costly)
    But 3 weeks Carnivore + water fasting in the morning + wim hof breathing + meditation completely cleared my skin!
    I had lost all hope because nothing seemed to work I used to have reaaaally bad skin not cystic acne but zits and pimples and inflamed irritations n redness literally everywhere in my face
    I thought I’ve developed some serious acne scars but turns out my pores were just really really clogged up
    Thank you so much man (:

  37. Diverticulitis, the next best thing to appendicitis. 🌻🧙‍♂️🇧🇦 Artificial anything is cheap and nasty. Overly processed everything is likely to be nutritionless 💚 Yep, I had bread and jam this morning (free breakfast, four eggs) within the hour, the same heart thumping moments. 💚 Learn and remember. Seed oils are good for lubricants and lamps. Cyanide occurs naturally in seeds. 💚
    Seitan, pure gluten for the good vegetarian and vegan. Skin requires protein to repair and replace. 🖤 Cut nerves do not transmit, pain does not ® register. Have to see the blood before you know about the cut. 🌻🧙‍♂️🇧🇦

  38. R C says:

    Wow Frankie! What an EXCELLENT INTERVIEW! You did a very professional, live F2F talk with someone & not in 'rent's house. You rarely interrupted him except to make a point of clarification. You still interjected your sense of humor where appropriate. You were honest about not being aware of new info that Goodrich mentioned, like the bit about arachidonic acid. You pulled all sorts of facts from memory, which debunks the haters like Keto Mechanic & Vagina Stains who claim you only sound professional in your videos because you're reading from a script. AND you've hit 50K subs! WAY TO GO, FRANKIE BOI!! And the height check at the end was priceless! 😆
    I'm telling you today, officially, mark this date: You will be a millionaire within 3 yrs, by the time you're 30. And you will have achieved that through your basic human decency & hard work informing people about how to achieve good health, not from wasting your life playing video games & trolling Carnivores. KEEP RISING!

  39. Dheus says:

    Carnivore King Frank. An honor!

  40. Don't forget that linoleic acid was used as an immunosuppressant for kidney transplant patients to prevent rejection (early 1970s before cyclosporin), and as a treatment for multiple sclerosis to prevent the autoimmune response. 10 ml of sunflower oil three times a day was all you needed to keep that donor kidney from shriveling up like a California raisin. Sounded good until the rates of cancer went up dramatically. Good times.

  41. Dr. Richard Bernstein did not come up with the low carb treatment for diabetes. That has been common visdom at least since the 19th century. My father was diagnosed with diabetes type one in 1950. He was immediately recommended a strict low carb high saturated fat diet. Dr. Richard Bernstein was 16 years old in 1950. In fact, this is a famous quote from Frederick G. Banting, Nobel Prize laureate of 1923 for the discovery of insulin, “Insulin is not a cure for diabetes; it is a treatment. It enables the diabetic to burn sufficient carbohydrates, so that proteins and fats may be added to the diet in sufficient quantities to provide energy for the economic burdens of life” . My father followed the strict low carb high saturated approach for the rest of his productive and active life until he passed away at age 89. Around 1980, the guidelines for diabetics had changed. Then all of a sudden it was fine to have carbs, just take more insulin. My father realized that the less carbs he had, the less insulin he had to take and the better he felt.

  42. Great talk and congrats to the 50K!!! But please don't advertise for uranium loaded Nestlé Water

  43. my boy goin up faster than some bubbles

  44. Great podcast, tipping point, riveting

  45. It is a little bit weird how Frank is constantly nodding his head and trying to be quiet even though it seems he doesn't listen to everything

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