My Weight Loss! 2016 Tips, Tricks, + FOOTAGE!

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19 Responses

  1. Hey Stella, quick question. How fast do you see results with this plan?

  2. Amazing video Stella! SLAY BOO

  3. ew I spy fetus me 😂

  4. You got this mama! 💪💪💪 lol

  5. Emma says:

    Could you do a what I eat in a day type video?

  6. Nor1song says:

    Awesome video!!! Miss u so much!!! We need to get together

  7. wow, you look great!

  8. Found the best info on how to lose weight fast go to : My Weight Loss! 2016 Tips, Tricks, + FOOTAGE!

  9. Hi Stella! loved your video 🙂 I recently started my own healthy weightloss journey (& more) on my YT channel! It would be great if you could check it out and maybe we could support each other! xx

  10. Brianna Mae says:

    going to start cutting the fraps !!! 😊 thanks for the tips stel! u look amazing!!!!❤️

  11. LOVE THESE TIPS 💖 they help so much 😫

  12. chacko says:

    You dance for FOUR hours everyday? 😮

  13. oh louda says:

    you look amazing!!!!!

  14. Tabea Bruns says:

    or…you just go vegan

  15. nikita surni says:

    Hi ☺,I hope this doesn't sound rude but if you wouldn't mind replying ,how long did it take you to lose the weight?

  16. Deril Hil says:

    I agree with this, it's a smart way to lose ponds. If you look at Tashiana Sethlin's diet (google her), you can also find some quick fat burning tips.