KEYS TO FITNESS SUCCESS (How to succeed IN THE GYM) Weight Loss|Bodybuilding|Strength

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11 Responses

  1. Use the time the ad is playing to click Like 😉

  2. Furi says:

    Yeah, Matt looks like he doesn't miss any meals! 😉

  3. Furi says:

    The thing that really spoke to me is workout variety. You've mentioned in the past that variety helps reduce mileage – this video highlights one more benefit. Thanks, Matt!

  4. Another great video. Great thoughts. As you said, these are principles to be successful in anything you do and am passionate, from being a great surgeon to being a world class athlete. You need to write a book : The World According to Matt Wenning. Sign me up for a box full!!

  5. Tyreek Hill says:

    Yo Matt can you make a video about nutrition, what does ur meals look like throughout the day

  6. Hancock sky says:

    Best informations for all sport's
    Thnk you

  7. Tyreek Hill says:

    Chanel is very underrated

  8. Matt's always packin

  9. Where can I buy the program you use for absolute beginners and average people/fireman/military who start lifting and can´t squat and deadlift because of the lack of hamstrings, glutes, lower bakc? I listened to a podcast where you said you have a "special program" without squats and deadlifts who brings up the weak points like glutes, hamstrings, lower back etc.!? Please tell me where I can buy it, I need this program. Thank you very much