Keto Diet क्या है ? | वजन घटाने के आसान उपाय | Weight Loss Tips | Ketosis | Ketones | Ketogenic Diet

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26 Responses


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  2. I have hypothyroid from 12yrs.height 5"1, age 37, nd weight 72 kg. Tried a lot .but can't control gaining weight. Plz mam….give me a diet plan fr loosing weight?

  3. Pls share keto for vegetarians…we are waiting

  4. Shahbaz Khan says:

    Mam day to day kito diet plan de

  5. yuv goraya says:

    Hhhhhh apke face per itni glow koti diet se hi he,,,,baki sab diet me to face per wrinkle ho jate he

  6. Deep Birring says:

    great information mam…

  7. How do I start keto diet?..I m 72 kg and am a working woman of age 39..

  8. Dynamo speb says:

    nice mam you are very hardworker mam good job ?

  9. Mam please keto diet for pcod……

  10. JP Singh says:

    Plz suggest veg keto diet

  11. manish oza says:

    Thank for awareness

  12. Mubeen Ahmad says:

    Kato diet ma Kya Kya khana chaheya

  13. Neha Sharma says:

    Plz mam daily kito diet mai kya khaye veg mai… Btaiyega

  14. Amita roli says:

    Hii love you also small youtuber but I'm your big fan..aur aapkee k hi diet tips se maine 22kg weight loss kiya hai

  15. Sorry Dr Shalini . I think you have not researched enough regarding keto diet. I am a vegetarian myself and have been following keto diet myself I have lost approximately 5 kilos in 2 months in spite of not following the diet strictly, with no offense to you I would like to help you find the right information for your patients and you. I am a Registered Nurse and Certified Nutritional Coach. I would love to help you help others in regaining health, reversing diabetes and losing weight effortlessly, please contact me if seriously interested.. Fyi…i do not charge even a penny bc my purpose and aim is to help everyone live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Thanks again. Reshma Asrani. RN

  16. Pooja Mishra says:

    You are really talented lady on earth

  17. Bilkul theek kah rahi hy ma be 2 month sa kar rahi ho asa ho raha hy Mara sath

  18. Rishi Thakre says:

    Carbs m net carbs 20g se kamm hona chahiye total carbs nhi
    Net carbs=total carbs – carbs from fiber

  19. Jinder Singh says:

    Yar koi vi coment karta hai teek dhang se karo vo ekk good solustion batati hai please please please

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