I Lost as Much Weight as Possible in 30 Days (SHOCKING RESULTS)

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31 Responses

  1. Your voice don’t matches with your body

  2. Press the like butten if you saw this at 2019

  3. Mister Mason says:

    Of course this video has a weight loss add

  4. Qasim Irshad says:

    Why you talk more and loud 🖕🏿

  5. 단빈황 says:

    I got a milka chocolate add before this video lmao

  6. kina harris says:

    Why are you SCReeaammInNNNG!

  7. Please don’t watch with full volume

  8. I became so energized to take the dietary regimen “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it). I didn`t alter my very own eating habits and did not improve my exercise level. In merely a short time of Four weeks, I currently shed 6 lbs. The method has let me consumed less and getting full is a lot quicker. .

  9. Karma Black says:

    STOP ScReAmInG it's hurting 😢😢😢😢

  10. Pqintinq0 YT says:

    Everyone: Watching video me: wondering what the he'll is a 14

  11. Drxp says:

    whats 14 stone 😂??

  12. ShiloJack! says:

    4 lbs is not almost half a stone.

  13. ツUcanet says:

    He still looks tubby and ugly..

  14. He is shouting through the whole video.

  15. DSF_KING says:

    Hi I’m from the future

    MORGZ is getting more weird but same time much better!

    It will be in 2019!

  16. Boba Fett says:

    Morgz: intensive talking

    Me: STFU

  17. 92 pounds I know bad but I will lose weight

  18. I get sad that these comments aren't interesting because everybody is 5.

  19. Morgz says:

    TeamMorgz, Listen Up!!!

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