How to make Momma Cherri’s keto / paleo diet crispy curly Kale chips

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  1. mimi ng says:

    Momma hopefully your set up in kitchen is better。increase more view 🙂 love you momma

  2. M DA says:

    Mumma!! Your daughter is gorgeous and she has such a beautiful voice. She should really get into radio because her voice is so soothing, it's a voice made for the entertainment industry.
    Love you so much!

  3. LosingDrea says:

    Love watching you and glad you come over to the Keto side Momma Cherri LOL…how dare the people suggest you were in pain for a weight issue LOL I have a weight loss channel well its recipes and other things I am thinking when I am thinking of them but yeah day 2 back on Keto and a good replacement for potatoes is no one else has yet said anything is radishes. You can cut them up, sautee them in a pan with butta and some seasoning if you wish and eat away momma! Like Eggs and Hashbrowns, you can shred them, DRAIN WELL and then fry in a pan or just do the Home Fries and eggs with the cut up peices. Enjoy! I love this way of eating once I get where I am not having cravings and always hungry I feel awesome!

  4. Jose Susau says:

    Kitchen Nightmare brought me to this amazing person

  5. I may be the god of speed, but you… you are the god of enthusiasm, and heavenly food 🥘

  6. callum draws says:

    Omg I love u sooooooo much I make your ribs every thursday ur recipe is sooooo delicious love u mamma

  7. I Love Youu Mommaaa❤

  8. [NQZATR] says:

    Yaaaaaas Mama, come on over to the green side! So proud of you! ❤💜💙❤💜💙

  9. Oh my God, you kill me! Lol! You are the best. 😃

  10. Sean Deegan says:

    Momma that Tesco olive oil ain't olive oil! I used to buy it to, If you put it in the fridge it congeals in the fridge. A lot of companys are selling fake olive oil google it xo

  11. Looks interesting.I'm a tater lover too.We 're just juicy,face it even a dog likes meat on his bones,kale's good,potato chips re better,tell the haters ,we're eatin' our 'tater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I need to lose weight as well lol this is nice for me

  13. You look fabulous to me. Hear me Phil?

  14. This is wonderful! I was recently diagnosed with Lupus, so I have to make changes. Love kale chips!

  15. in some cultures be a having weight was considered lucky and good as it was a sign you had enough food to eat 😂😁 there is no such thing as the perfect weight it's whatever you feel happy and comfortable in 😀❤ we love the momma 😊

  16. beck says:

    Thank you so much Momma for this recipe ❤❤❤

  17. Please make strawberry cheese cake


  19. Pat Dysart says:

    You know Momma, I was feeling down today and you just cheered me up with this kale recipe and your truth, and energy. I really needed it.. I'm on the keto diet and lost 20# but eating the same things all the time is boring. Thank you very much!

  20. Elliot Yong says:

    Why not do pics of the food as thumbnails? We all love momma but we want to see that fooood

  21. Is your soul in a bowl book still for sale? Noticed the poster in the background. Just became a patreon last night and wondering if there'll be another cook book coming??? Love and respect from Scotland 😁🇬🇧🇬🇧

  22. Been a while momma how's it going. How is every one

  23. nah momma beautiful in which universe is moMMA FAT

  24. AgentErick99 says:

    I’m on a low carb!!!!!!!!!

  25. Shog64 says:

    I lost 14 kg(~30.865 lbs?) already with Keto, it also improves your vision(for me) and allows you to consume more salt which on a ""normal"" diet is a bane of your existence. It also reverses pancrease caused diseases from sugar consumption such as being pre-diabetic(high blood sugar) or inflammation. Can only recommend it to anybody to try it out.

  26. GIVE ME SOME KELP LOVE TOO… 💃💃🌿🌿💃💃🌿🌿💃💃

  27. Don't worry your pretty little mind, momma. People throw rocks at things that shine.

    If you are on 'eating healthy' do it for yourself not for anyone else. We love just the way you are..

    And, yeah, 'GIVE ME SOME OF POTATO LOVE!!' 💃💃🥔💃💃🥔

  28. Lucklad says:

    I watched Kichen Nightmare episode on Youtube today. Also I watched mama's after stories on this channel. I really happy that mama keeps your own relationships and lives a gorgeous life. I'll always give huge support to you mama!! From S.Korea with luv.(sorry for bad english 🙂 )

  29. have you tried joesphs pitas or lawish

  30. I just last week started doing an anti inflammatory diet that is pretty similar to keto, thank you for sharing this recipe! A nice snack to take away the cravings. Will put my own spin on top of your spin! Thanks mama!
    Good luck on your diet ♡

  31. Alisa B. says:


  32. EXER! says:

    I found YT MOMMA <3 [UR NOT FAT]

  33. mango eggs says:

    That diet's super effective momma. You just need the discipline. I love you guys and keep doing what you love. ❤

  34. 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀
    Thanks for sharing! 😍

  35. Mama you are NOT FAT!!!! Here in America we call Beautiful Black Women that are your size THICK!!

  36. Star Gazer says:

    Loving the purple headband Momma…

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