How to Gain Mass on a Paleo Diet

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37 Responses

  1. Ville says:

    Well his channel is more of a v-blog where he answers questions/rants, which doesn't always answer the actual question. This one is a good example, he simply gave a yes/no answer , but hey he does whatever the fuck he wants to do!

  2. Kane Edward says:

    Elliot, I'm a 15 year old from Australia and hoping to join the army next year and lets just say i'm not that fit and dont have much strenth i need to be able to run 2km 25 pull ups 65 push ups and 100 sit ups at the moment i can do about 10 pushups (dont laugh to hard) and do around 40 sit ups and i can run about 1 km at a steady pace i have 1 year and 6 months to achieve this goal please give me any advice you have i really need your help help a Aussie brother out thanks.

  3. Its good that you want to go and defend your country, for you to get this goal i believe you should start eating properly and train with weights or event do sit ups, push ups, pull ups and run. Practice makes perfect

  4. TheMadafakrz says:

    Check out amstrong pull up routine no shitty promises or lies but it helped me get from 1 pull up to 6 in 3 weeks , than at week 11 i was able to do 10 strict pull ups.

  5. burbuliukai says:

    protein spikes your insulin as well.

  6. ukre98 says:

    Hi im 15 and 1.80 m and 53kg im too skinny but im eating much,i dont know how to gain muscle weight plz respond ! i need to get bigger!!

  7. ukre98 says:

    im also working at home doing push ups and such!

  8. 4ciredor70 says:

    Good information

  9. bigmike8997 says:

    @ukre98 ok how tall are u and i advice you too actually lift train with weight to put more stree size muscle bulk etc on yoir body and yeah you can still do pushups pullups after im prob going to today

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  11. BMI is worthless. You're bodyfat % is obviously too high. Decrease bodyfat and increase muscle.

  12. Goblinlover says:

    daaaamn! I used to be 1.73m and 53kg at the age of 16, now I'm 19 and i am 66kg, look at my channel you will see how I made it out of that skinny guy, what I did is eat aloooooot!!!! You wake up, breakfast: 1 glass of milk, 2 pieces of breast chicken, 2 eggs and a banana…I can help you out on facebook 'cause I have limit words in here, Ignacio Andres Bustamante Ulloa, I can help you out bro, cya.

  13. muzimuzi says:

    Mcdonalds all day long !

  14. ukre98 says:

    yeah but i would get unhelty fat! 😀

  15. rajan saha says:

    My classmates laughed when I told them I was going to build muscle with "H6x Muscle Monster", but then I showed them the results. Google H6x Muscle Monster to see their reaction. (It was epic!)

  16. Aprokind says:

    dude i am 170 cm and weight 60 kg,i am good but i have the same prob as you 🙁

  17. Aprokind says:

    good for you bot!

  18. It's called being skinny fat (more technically, it's called normal weight obesity), and it's caused by "chronic cardio" (running), cutting out too much protein, and things like that. Primal (and, to a lesser extent, paleo) dieters have a lot of good tips on going from skinny fat to healthy.

  19. FutureLaugh says:

    if you get a majority of your calories from protein, will you gain mass or do you have to consume enormous amounts of carbs through vegetables alone?

  20. key yapa says:

    If you want to get ripped and cut, you should definitely Google the term "Oak Muscle Method". You are bound to end up getting the muscles you deserve.

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  24. rohit shahi says:

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  29. Nikhil7519 says:

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  30. Claudia R says:

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  32. Jarrett Dew says:

    I managed to gain weight just by this method +Gain Weight-F

  33. In Health says:

    Paleo is cool.

  34. Batman says:

    Which lipshade you use? ??

  35. Sumbee says:

    I have been on the paleo diet for 7 months now and have lots of food restrictions. Cant eat nuts, eggs, potatoes, soy, pea. I am still putting on mass and aslo really shredded do to this diet i think. Its called autoimmune paleo. I am still making strength gains. Just hit 185 x5 on flat bench. I weigh 145 lbs.

  36. Alex says:

    I have food sensitivities. Potatoes are on my list. How do I gain weight then?
    Wanted to go vegan… good luck.

  37. matt g says:

    Dude i got shredded doing paleo just pure muscle but i also drum 3 hours a day im just need to gain alittle weight