EASY BREAKFAST IDEAS | healthy, paleo recipes for on the go!

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34 Responses

  1. Nik Vazquez says:

    I love your videos! I learn so much! Ugh I have got to start mealpreping so on my lazy days I don't eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch lol

  2. Sara Lerman says:

    I had a cacao chia pudding for breakfast today. Love your videos and can’t wait to try these recipes out soon ? p.s where did you get your copper measuring utensils?

  3. doesn't slide all over the nuts… LOL

  4. I’m allergic to Avocado. What can I use instead?

  5. Laura Castro says:

    Out of everyone I follow on YouTube and Instagram, I consistently use your recipes the most!! They’re simple, delicious, and healthy?

  6. Its literally wayyyy too hot here to use chilled coconut oil and chop it like that without it melting everywhere… Would melted still work?

  7. Aimee Rivera says:

    Thank you so much for these yummy recipes Liv! I can’t wait to try to make the scones! They look delicious ???

  8. You’re hair looks so divine !

  9. Alexa Nguyen says:

    Yummy, dang you love pumpkin, you know I’ve never had pumpkin!

  10. I had a fuji apple, lemin zuchini bread (that had walnuts and coconut in it) water and a cup of peppermint tea. Loved these ideas, especially the granola!

  11. Cheese and tomato sandwich?

  12. I had tuna egg muffins! ☺️

  13. Can you swap the coconut powder for protein powder in the scones??

  14. misskellie2 says:

    Ezekiel toast with avocado and egg ?

  15. Yum such good ideas!!! ??

  16. sofia pl says:

    I had oatmeal topped with plum and banana ? so good combined

  17. how much almond butter in the granola?

  18. Traci Lyn says:

    I had herbal tea and a handful of pumpkin granola from another youtuber's channel… simply quinoa. I made a huge batch and I keep a container of it at work to munch on when I get hungry or forget my breakfast. However, I am thinking about those pumpkin donuts again….. ??

  19. Do you count calories?

  20. Celinaaa says:

    Did anyone try out the pumpkin scones with an egg substitute ?

  21. Chamomile T says:

    I had avocado toast

  22. I had overnight oats with flax meal chia seeds bananas chocolate coconut water and maple syrup with chia seeds as well

  23. Вкусно says:

    interesting ideas that I will definitely apply

  24. I had blueberries almond butter oatmeal

  25. Aimee Rivera says:

    I tried making the scones but I feel the coconut flour gives them a weird texture. Could I use ground up oats instead? If so, would it be half a cup too?

  26. I need these pumpkin scones in my life! I love it didn’t involve almond flour, too!

  27. I ate egg white bites for breakfast! Kind of a play on Starbucks egg white bites, but with NO cheese!

  28. 芥娜L says:

    I had whole-wheat bread with a cup of milk and Chia seed pudding this morning?I'll try out these recipe soon!! They looks delicious?

  29. I found the ingredients for this video in the info section, but I can’t find the oven temp and time. I’d really like to try these scones, can you provide that info? Thanks!!

  30. Kori Skene says:

    I just ate apple and cinnamon granola with yoghurt and chopped up pear for breakfast. Its one of my favourites!