EASY BREAKFAST IDEAS | healthy, paleo recipes for on the go!

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34 Responses

  1. Kori Skene says:

    I just ate apple and cinnamon granola with yoghurt and chopped up pear for breakfast. Its one of my favourites!

  2. I found the ingredients for this video in the info section, but I can’t find the oven temp and time. I’d really like to try these scones, can you provide that info? Thanks!!

  3. 芥娜L says:

    I had whole-wheat bread with a cup of milk and Chia seed pudding this morning🤣I'll try out these recipe soon!! They looks delicious🤓

  4. I ate egg white bites for breakfast! Kind of a play on Starbucks egg white bites, but with NO cheese!

  5. I need these pumpkin scones in my life! I love it didn’t involve almond flour, too!

  6. Aimee Rivera says:

    I tried making the scones but I feel the coconut flour gives them a weird texture. Could I use ground up oats instead? If so, would it be half a cup too?

  7. I had blueberries almond butter oatmeal

  8. Вкусно says:

    interesting ideas that I will definitely apply

  9. I had overnight oats with flax meal chia seeds bananas chocolate coconut water and maple syrup with chia seeds as well

  10. Chamomile T says:

    I had avocado toast

  11. Celinaaa says:

    Did anyone try out the pumpkin scones with an egg substitute ?

  12. Do you count calories?

  13. Traci Lyn says:

    I had herbal tea and a handful of pumpkin granola from another youtuber's channel… simply quinoa. I made a huge batch and I keep a container of it at work to munch on when I get hungry or forget my breakfast. However, I am thinking about those pumpkin donuts again….. 💕😇

  14. how much almond butter in the granola?

  15. sofia pl says:

    I had oatmeal topped with plum and banana 😍 so good combined

  16. Yum such good ideas!!! 💕💕

  17. misskellie2 says:

    Ezekiel toast with avocado and egg 😋

  18. Can you swap the coconut powder for protein powder in the scones??

  19. I had tuna egg muffins! ☺️

  20. Cheerios👌💕💕💕

  21. Cheese and tomato sandwich😏

  22. I had a fuji apple, lemin zuchini bread (that had walnuts and coconut in it) water and a cup of peppermint tea. Loved these ideas, especially the granola!

  23. Alexa Nguyen says:

    Yummy, dang you love pumpkin, you know I’ve never had pumpkin!

  24. You’re hair looks so divine !

  25. Aimee Rivera says:

    Thank you so much for these yummy recipes Liv! I can’t wait to try to make the scones! They look delicious 👌🏼🤤

  26. Its literally wayyyy too hot here to use chilled coconut oil and chop it like that without it melting everywhere… Would melted still work?

  27. Laura Castro says:

    Out of everyone I follow on YouTube and Instagram, I consistently use your recipes the most!! They’re simple, delicious, and healthy😊

  28. I’m allergic to Avocado. What can I use instead?

  29. doesn't slide all over the nuts… LOL

  30. Sara Lerman says:

    I had a cacao chia pudding for breakfast today. Love your videos and can’t wait to try these recipes out soon 💕 p.s where did you get your copper measuring utensils?

  31. Nik Vazquez says:

    I love your videos! I learn so much! Ugh I have got to start mealpreping so on my lazy days I don't eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch lol

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