Cris Cyborg's history with weight cutting | OTL Archives | ESPN MMA

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  1. I’d rather exercise and diet normally. If I’m not at the right weight for fight week, tough. Find someone else. I’ll go to WWE:

  2. Gary E. Ko says:

    Not healthy. Period. I garauntee there are long term effects. They live it up while they fight and make money but later in life will have major internal organ damage watch. How does it even make sense that ur gonna go into a fight when u need 6 ppl to help u walk from the bathroom to a chair? It's not worth it. Putting yourself through that much physical activity after dehydrating yourself and not eating is the dumbest shit ever on earth.

  3. Dean Russo says:

    Cutting weight is so dangerous. It won't be long before somebody dies. Id like to see some regulations in place. Maybe have doctors and tests on the body measuring bone weight and muscle weight and then having athletic commissions tell the fighter the minimum weight class they can fight in. No exceptions. I understand for Cyborg it's different. They should have one more heavier weight class for women.

  4. Omar Andres says:

    Wtf is Dana smoking? There’s hella pro athletes who will just sit out look at basketball if a player doesn’t t feel well they just sit out for a game

  5. FaceForRadio says:

    Don't kill your fighters!

    Cyborg is incredibly tough and if she's crying then that is a sucky process. I wish Fighters would just fight at their natural weight or close to it. 5% sounds like a good number to me since that's the max number one can safely lose in water weight

  6. Anaphriel says:

    I've never been a proponent for weight cutting, and often, it's used solely as a tactic to have an advantage over your opponent. For women like Cyborg, she has to cut because her walking weight class doesn't even exist. (At the time of interview) That's what needs to change, a 155 or 165 Women's division needs to be added. Yes, not all women involved will look like Meisha Tate or Michelle Waterson…but a fight's a fight and Cris deserves to be a champ at a comfortable weight class.

  7. "She's" definitely got some "he" features.

  8. Donald Smith says:

    "She is the most dangerous woman fighter" apparently Amanda Nunez didn't get that memo.

  9. Oh hellllllll no. Heat AND winter clothes!? Anddd doing cardio!? Nope nope nope

  10. i think every wrestler has once cut more then 6 lbs in a day

  11. Looks like a fucking geezer!

  12. Can't He just go back to fighting in the men division?….there…. problem solved!

  13. cam ronn says:

    is that even worth it.. no

  14. ewww why she crying this is why men are stronger ive never seen a man cry in weight cuts

  15. Was this before or after the nunes fight?

  16. zach morris says:

    1:34 cyborg clearly has an adams apple.

  17. TALON says:

    It is SO GOOD we people are seeing this behind-the-scenes footage. Most men couldn't handle this that just watch the sport. Woman is tough as nails. That is an extreme amount of suffering for the sport. Health first.

  18. LostInPA says:

    She seems like a really nice person.

  19. ODD ILL says:

    Crying like a bitch men don’t cry like this when they drop weight if I had to listen to her cry like that id kill her

  20. Jason Joseph says:

    They were disrespectful to u,,,they were scared u would dominate

  21. If you just count your calories like a normal person you wouldn't have to resort to such drastic measures. Ridiculous.

  22. Roman gladiators could eat how much they want , their life was real easy

  23. imsljr420 says:

    they had just removed her penis that's why she was crying.

  24. Weight cutting is tough..I remember in school kids eating half and apple all day..going to the bathroom throwing up..constantly spitting to get as much fluid out as u know why fighters don't look the same when they drain down or have rehydration clauses in fight sports

  25. Bo Randolph says:

    My first time going in a steam room I lost 13lbs .

  26. I want to see Nunes in the bathtub

  27. King P says:

    this is actually like super sad and hard to watch.

  28. bholc says:

    This shit can't be healthy!

  29. Smh as a boxer myself I have right to say this cause I live it…just fight at your walk about weight. Everyone always tryna fight small niggas. Just fight at your weight.

  30. Lord Mū says:

    This animal is disgusting. I feel sick looking at it

  31. Lord Mū says:

    This is disgusting. This is not a female

  32. This is mental, I can't believe people would try and cut 11kgs in 3 days to fit.. I'm a fan but this is a real problem in the sport

  33. Google User says:

    Carries to much in the roid jaw

  34. Mark Lim says:

    Dana White is a scumbag greedy asswipe who needs to leave this world

  35. Wow I got so much respect for her she’s a true champion I hope she come back for Nunes and wins 💯

  36. Alex Becerra says:

    Why don’t they lose weight steady like physique athlete

  37. Jose Conchas says:

    Cutting sucks, also, during the fight no matter how in shape you are, it feels like you haven't worked out in years.

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