Comic Jackie Fabulous Tells HILARIOUS Jokes About Weight Loss And Dating – America's Got Talent 2019

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48 Responses

  1. S P says:

    Some really funny jokes this time! But too much talent in this field to make the top 5.

  2. Which part was i supposed to laugh at?

  3. I don’t get why anyone is into her I haven’t laughed once

  4. Gavin Burnes says:

    Why’s there a fifth judge ?

  5. Tamera C says:

    I thought she writes new jokes but it's the same set she's done for a while

  6. Ezhil Raj says:

    Marcin should be at this semi final…great talent under judged..miss you Marcin..

  7. geoff h says:

    Put your hands down! I gained it back 😂

  8. Ammar Awadh says:


  9. John Dee says:

    I plan to keep an eye out for her on the comedy club circuit. I would definitely go see her!!

  10. She's great. Problem is, comedians on this show get so far and then they just kind of burn out. She needs to go on a show specifically for comedians.

  11. x0enitz says:

    Well this was a fail. Her quarterfinal act was far superior

  12. Gods Vibes says:

    She should be in Movies, she is so funny without trying.

  13. Keyon Davis says:

    I disagree with Simon. I think this was better than her last performance

  14. We need the judges opinions! Please!

  15. I'm sorry to say this but I'm disappointed. Really. I am

  16. Her jokes are too predictable and she's loosing her stage presence

  17. Amar Mishra says:

    She cribs all the time especially about her problem. Even Howie who is liberal with his laugh couldn't find much. Not funny

  18. SCAW FACE says:

    Some are saying it basically wasn't a great set. I'm sorry that it was a little raw and edgy…but it was very vulnerable and authentic. I feel all comedians find therapy in their work as does anyone who follows their passions. So much respect to her. I personally enjoyed the set.

  19. Yep I skipped to the end, get her off the stage

  20. Yas XO says:

    she used such an old joke she did at a comedy club.

  21. LoL KS says:

    straight face gang 😐

  22. yikes ._. says:

    It was alright didnt make me laugh like always and I saw the ppl there too that werent laughing like before 😐

  23. Okay, I've watched the video, some one please tell me when the funny starts.

  24. Who is the new judge that looks like Howie with hair?!

  25. I think she was nervous

  26. Laura Gann says:

    How do I find that dress!!

  27. Julienne Dy says:

    That wasn't funny or relatable. 😕 I'm so confused.

  28. vishkiller23 says:

    She felt a little flat in the semi final

  29. tommytbear69 says:


  30. MrSpeedo804 says:

    There is Nothing Fabulous about Jackie. I knew she would go home tonight.

  31. Aas Sf says:

    I love her hair

  32. Paul Fisher says:

    do all fat ppl make fat jokes only!!

  33. I had to pay attention to listen to her jokes. She talked in the same tone and I got kind of bored

  34. jayRod says:

    The comedians need a little bit more time to feel the crowd normal opening sets arent this short

  35. Audition was her best performance

  36. ну в этом ничего такого)