🔴 OVERNIGHT Weight Loss Aid Music – FAST RESULTS (2020)

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37 Responses

  1. Miku Hatsune says:

    How long does this usually take to show any changes

  2. just laugh says:

    I'm starting today motivate me please
    Day1::: 66

  3. ExtermiT says:

    what are these videos for? i don't understand it

  4. Kiki says:

    day one: 195 lbs
    day 2,3,4,5: don’t count bc it’s my birthday so I’m grubbing.

  5. loaf loaf says:

    i’m gonna try and update day 1- 170. the goal is 150. Day 2- 169. Day 3-168

  6. maile duarte says:

    Im wanting to lose weight for a month now and not a single exercise I've been doing haven't been working for me so I hope it works
    Day 1: 147 pounds

  7. Bellah Maree says:

    i generally want to see results and I will! Just to give everyone inspiration im actually going to write down results and im actually doing this im drinking a lot of water and watch a few other videos in a playlist so here’s day 1: 134.4 pounds (my doctor doesn’t want me gaining anymore pounds for my age) Also try not to look at the scale or mirror it affects the outlook on your result. Stay tuned for day 2!

  8. Lexi Mullins says:

    Let’s do this. I’m trying to loose weight and I work out but I need a little more boost. Day one:168lbs

  9. minyoongi says:

    This is gonna help me lose weight right? Not gain muscle or anything bc i dont rly want muscle i just wanna lose weight

  10. swl9380 says:

    3 wks I lost 17 pds. Now 243

  11. tasmiya m says:

    Is this like frequency or something??? Or just music therapy?

  12. zai arc says:

    do i have to listen to it all at once, or can i pause and come back to it after like an hour, or do i have to relisten?

  13. Ima update every day to see the difference in my body shape and weight. The changes might differ because i also exercise a lot. Starting at age:13 weight:183 (i know 😢)

  14. sasa says:

    can I listen to this on loop when I'm sleeping?

  15. If I fall asleep will it still work? 💤

  16. Can I listen to it with one earbud because I can’t sleep on my back

  17. I have a question. Can i listen to this while focusing on something else or is it only for when you are trying to sleep?

  18. im gonna let you know if this a ctually works im curently 110 and i want to be 80 i will comment next week and let you know how much i weigh

  19. just a human says:

    Do you need to turn high volume?

  20. Ariana Niski says:

    Ok guys, my 14th birthday is on august 20th and im trying to get the body I want! The numbers on the scale don't matter too me I just want too see physical results! Im gonna put this on replay while I sleep so I can get extreme results! Ill update with changes in my appearance!

    Day 1: First night listening ill update tomorrow night when I listen again! 🙂
    Day 2: Didn't see a change but felt a little more confident! (im also doing OMAD) and a 10 minute ab workout!

  21. Dayana T says:

    Heyy so I'm 135 right now (7/30) and my goal is to lose belly fat. I'm doing a combination of workouts and this subliminal. I'll keep updating. Wish me luck! 💛

  22. What position should I get in while listening to this to lose belly fat

  23. gurleen Kb says:

    Hey I am 90 kgs and have huge thigh fat and heavy buttocks, pear shaped kind of body, even my stomach fat is starting to increase, can I use this subliminal? And if yes, in sitting or standing position?

  24. Ari Servin says:

    Wow! I've been listening for a while now and for once I'm not just sitting down and doing nothing I've been pretty productive so even if it doesn't work for me it will definitely keep me busy

  25. Are there any side effects

  26. Free Spirit says:

    Are there any subliminal messages in this video?

  27. Would you mind sharing what the specific subliminals are/ are saying?

  28. juliana cruz says:

    I’m going to try and see if I’m still fat:D

  29. any recommended volume

  30. Allie Jane says:

    hey i was wondering whether you can do something while you listen, like can I read, can I write, can I clean my room, take a shower?

  31. Emma Doran says:

    This sound like GTA loading screen 😂

  32. Nicola Sharp says:

    Where is this? It looks like Maine, or West Virginia…but could be the UK… it’s beautiful! I have to know!!😂

  33. I'm not relying on this totally for weightloss. I have increased water intake, I exercise, eat more plant material, and have lost 43 pounds so far. Hoping this will push my brain along to boost. This is not a diet for me it is a change of life for health nd happiness. Will update as I seen any change. This is quite soothing. I love using frequencies for everything.

  34. Let's see how this works on a stubborn old lady with a sweet tooth. I have been "extra padded" for most of my life and now it is taking a toll on my wellbeing. I am not diabetic, but the extra weight is aggravating a painful neurological condition. I am very soon to be 63 years old.